The waste bin has not been emptied. What to do?

Stormossen is responsible for emptying the following waste containers:

  • biowaste
  • multi-compartment containers
  • package waste (metal, glass, carton and plastic packages) and batteries

If the waste bins mentioned have not been emptied, please contact or 010 320 7676.

If the emptying conserns mixed waste (combustible waste) or paper, contact your own waste transporting company.

Which company is emptying my biowaste bin?

Here you will find the which transportation companies  empty biowaste at which area by postal codes. If any problems occur or you want to change the emptying interval, contact Stormossen eller 010 320 7676.

Who is responsible for emptying the container for mixed waste (combustible waste)?

According to the waste management regulations on Stormossen operation area the occupant of real estate is responsible for arranging the transport of mixed waste (combustible waste). Contact someone of the acknowledged transport companies. The transport company is invoicing the transportation fee for mixed waste and as of 1.1.2023 Stormossen is invoicing the treatment fee for mixed waste.

All properties must have a container for mixed waste (combustible waste). The container can also be shared with a neighbour.

How often is the biowaste bin emptied?

According to the waste managemnet regulations the emptying interval for biowaste can be no longer than two weeks during summer time (April to October) and no longer than four weeks during winter time (November to March). Ther reason to a frequent emptying interval is that biowaste often smells and can allure animals and varments to the bin.

The emptying interval is two weeks as a standard. If you would like to extend the emptying interval during winter, please contact Stormossen by e-mail

Emptying can also be done with the interval of one week if necessary. The options are one, two or four weeks.