An eco-charge is invoiced annually to households and holiday homes in the Stormossen region. The eco-charge is used to finance, among other things, ecopoints, recycling stations, campaign collections and waste advisory services.

Invoice basis

The type of a property and the number of residents in your household from 1st of January (to a resident are counted for example people who are in army or are studying in another region, but are registered in municipality of residence).

Fill a form to make changes to eco-charge in Finnish here (ekomaksun muutosilmoitus).

Fill a form to make changes to eco-charge in Swedish here (ändringsanmälan för ekoavgift).

Properties with 1-4 residences:

  • 1 person/residence 36.67 €/residence/year
  • 2 people/residence 54.99 €/residence/year
  • 3 or more persons/residence 67.60 €/residence/year

The price includes VAT (24%).

Properties with 5 or more residences:

This also applies to other properties with fewer apartments that have the possibility to sort recycled paper, glass, metal and batteries. This also includes properties with four compartment containers.

  • 51.57 €/residence/year

Holiday homes:

The eco-charge for holiday homes is 11.31 €/year. The charge makes it possible to place ecopoints in sparsely-populated areas and organize scrap collection campaigns in the archipelago.

Julkisen palvelusektorin ekomaksu

Työpaikkoja €/vuosi, 0% alv €/vuosi, 24% alv
3-10 työpaikkaa 93,63 116,10
11-50 työpaikkaa 293,97 364,52
51-200 työpaikkaa 587,12 728,03
201-500 työpaikkaa 1 173,42 1 455,04
501-1000 työpaikkaa 1 789,56 2 219,05
1001-3000 työpaikkaa 3 646,30 4 521,41
3001- työpaikkaa 5 605,02 6 950,22