An eco-charge is invoiced to households and holiday homes in the Stormossen region. The eco-charge is used to finance, among other things, ecopoints, recycling stations, campaign collections and waste advisory services. Vaasa Region’s Waste Committee’s (Vaasan seudun jätelautakunta) approves the regional waste charges for eco-payments. You can read the complete Waste charge (in Finnish) by clicking this link.

As of 1st of January 2023 the eco-charge is invoiced by property, instead of number of residents in your household. This is a more equal system for both people living in detached homes and rowhouses or apartment blocks. The majority of all Waste Management Companies in Finland are using this type of invoicing method. Stormossen’s eco-charge will be invoiced per quarter (4 times/year).


  • Properties with 1–4 homes: 16,89€/quarter (5,63€/month/home)
  • Properties with 5 or more apartments: 15,39€/quarter/apartment (5,13€/month/apartment)
  • Properties using a Multi-Compartment Container: 15,39€/quarter (5,13€/month)

The price includes VAT (24%).

Holiday homes

The eco-charge for holiday homes is 18€/year. The charge makes it possible to place ecopoints in sparsely-populated areas and organize scrap collection campaigns in the archipelago.

Subscribe to e-invoicing to save money and nature

Stormossen’s paper invoice is subject to a charge  (2,36€/invoice incl. VAT 24%)

The following alternatives are free of charge:

  • E-billing: The invoice will be delivered straight to your own online bank.
  • E-invoice by e-mail: The invoice will be delivered to the e-mail address you have given to
  • Direct debit: An option if you don’t use online banking. Ask more information from your bank.

Stormossen invoices the charge for treatment of mixed waste

The mixed waste is transported to Westenergy Oy and turned into energy. The treatment from waste to energy is invoiced by Stormossen as of 1st of January 2023. The treatment fee for a 240 litre mixed waste container is 3,99€/emptying. The price list can be found on page 18 in the municipal waste charges (in Finnish). Some waste transporter companies will continue to invoice the transport of the mixed waste, while other companies have transfered the invoicing for the transport to Stormossen. As of October 2023 Stormossen will also invoice the emptying and transport of biowaste and packaging waste.

Julkisen palvelusektorin ekomaksu

Työpaikkoja €/vuosi, 0% alv €/vuosi, 24% alv
3-10 työpaikkaa 93,63 116,10
11-50 työpaikkaa 293,97 364,52
51-200 työpaikkaa 587,12 728,03
201-500 työpaikkaa 1 173,42 1 455,04
501-1000 työpaikkaa 1 789,56 2 219,05
1001-3000 työpaikkaa 3 646,30 4 521,41
3001- työpaikkaa 5 605,02 6 950,22