Rent a large skip

Are you going to have a major clean-up at your housing company or are you renovating your home? If necessary, you can hire a large skip from Stormossen. Then you can easily collect and sort larger quantities of waste, without having to drive to the waste reception station several times with a trailer.

The skip is divided into three or four compartments making it possible to sort different types of waste separately. You can also rent a skip for branches and garden waste. It is worthwhile to sort the waste, because unsorted waste is more expensive. The skip is weighed when it comes to the waste management centre and payment is made according to the weight and type of waste. Waste management costs are added to the skip hire charge.

To order a skip call 010 320 7631 on weekdays 9 am – 3 pm.

Rental skips

1. A skip with one compartment, height 2,7 m

Stormossen hyresflak

2. A skip with one compartment, height 1,2-1,7 m

Stormossen vuokralava

3. A skip with 2 compartments, height 1,7 m

Stormossen vuokralava

4. A skip with 3 compartments, height 1,2 m

  • The skip has a cover (not waterproof), which can be pulled off and on the skip by hand using a winch.

Stormossen vuokralava

5. A skip with 4 compartments, height 1 m

  • All compartments are the same size.
  • The skip has a roof that is divided into two parts (each roof covers two compartments). One can pump up one roof at a time by hand using a hydraulic pump.
  • At each compartment there are gaps in the ceiling, through which you can throw things into the skip. If you have bigger things, the roof should be pumped up.

Stormossen hyresflak

Skip rentals

Skip rentals for households and housing companies. The hire charge is determined on the basis of the distance from the Stormossen waste centre. Treatment fees are added according to the weight of the waste and the weighing fee is according to the price list. Branches and garden waste from households are received free of charge.

Price per zone (rental time 1-3 days)€ (VAT 0%)VAT 24%€ (incl. VAT)
Vaasa keskusta, Västervik, Vanha Vaasa, Ristinummi, Runsor, Sepänkylä, Koivulahti, Veikkaala, Västerhankmo, Petsmo, Jungsund
Vaskiluoto, Sundom, Sulva, Vikby, Helsingby, Tuovila, Merikaarto, Maksamaa, Östehankmo, Iskmo, Alskat
Långskäret, Åminne, Maalahti, Övermalax, Långåminne, Riimala, Vähäkyrö, Vöyri, Kvimo, Särkimo, Kaukaluoto, Raippaluoto, Norra Vallgrund, Södra Vallgrund
Moikipää, Bergö, Korsnäs, Petolahti, Tervajoki, Isokyrö, Kaurajärvi, Oravainen, Oxkangar, Västerö, Österö, Björköby, Panike, Söderudden
There after €/day16,133,8720,00