Commercial waste management

The amendments to the Waste Act, which came into force on 1 January 2020, entail changes in the procedure for commercial waste management in municipal waste companies.

Stormossen can continue to provide waste management services for companies based on the supplementary obligation of a municipality to organise waste management, a so-called TSV service, but only after the waste holder has searched for a waste service on the material platform Materiaalitori (

The waste holder shall publish an advertisement on the Materiaalitori data platform and reserve at least 14 days for the receipt of tenders. On the basis of tenders received, the waste holder decides whether they can be considered to have been obtained under reasonable conditions. If not, the waste holder may request the TSV service from the municipal waste company. It pays for the company to announce its possible need for TSV services already in connection with the creation of the advertisement on Materiaalitori.

Obligation to use the Materiaalitori platform does not apply

  • for companies that have a current TSV agreement concluded before 1.1.2020 with Stormossen.
  • if the need for municipal waste management is caused by an unforeseen urgency.
  • for companies whose expenditure for waste management is less than EUR 2,000 (VAT 0%) per year.

In such cases, the waste holder can request waste management services directly from Stormossen.

You can find additional information about Materiaalitori (in finnish) by clicking this link. You will be directed to another website.