Can we sort biowaste in private households?

Yes! You will help the environment by sorting your biowaste. Contact your transport company for price information. More information about the opportunities available can be found on the biowaste webpage.

Do I dare to invest in a gas-powered car as there are so few refuelling stations?

You can drive surprisingly far on one gas tank, up to 500 kilometres! The majority of gas-powered cars are so called bi-fuel cars. When the gas is exhausted, the car will automatically switch over to petrol or diesel. Depending on the size of the petrol tank, you can then drive another 500 kilometres. There are 54 gas filling stations in Finland, and new ones are constantly being planned. The closest except Stormossen’s stations are in Jeppo and Seinäjoki.

Does a gas-powered car work when it’s cold in the winter?

Most gas-powered cars start on petrol and automatically switch to gas operation after a few seconds. This is done to keep the petrol fuel system in working order. The gas is stored in the car’s gas tank at a pressure of about 200 bar. The vehicle gas does not change to liquid form other than by cooling to -161 degrees. In other words, there is no problem during the winter.

How clean should plastic packaging be?

Plastic packaging should be returned clean and dry. Dirty and smelly packaging is sorted as combustible waste. Plastic packaging is if needed rinsed with cold water and let dry. If hot water and dish soap is needed for cleaning, it is better from environmental perspective to put the packaging in combustible waste. If you are able to store the plastic packaging in your house for two weeks without any odour trouble, it is clean enough.

How long does it take to refuel?

It takes about three minutes. One big plus is that the gas does not make a mess.

I don’t have a customer card. Can I still bring waste to a waste reception station?

You need to always have your customer card with you when visiting a waste reception station. If you don’t have a customer card you can fill a form on our website to order one. If you are in a hurry you can get a card from a waste reception station.

To download your customer card as an application on your smartphone you need your customer card number. You can ask for your card number at or or by calling Stormossen’s office 010 320 7600 (Mon & Fri 9 am – 3 pm, Tue-Thu 10 am – 2 pm). In the application there is also a sorting guide, the waste reception stations’ contact information and news regarding services and opening hours.

I don’t know my customer number. What should I do?

You can send email to or call 010 320 7600 Mon – Fri 10 am – 2 pm. You can also ask for the customer number when visiting a waste reception station.

I have forgotten my customer number. What should I do?

You can send email to or call 010 320 7600 Mon – Fri 10 am – 2 pm. You can also ask for your customer number when visiting a waste reception station.

In what way is vehicle gas more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel?

Vehicle gas is produced from biowaste and sludge. This means that it is renewable, locally produced and carbon neutral. A gas-powered car produces less particle emissions and less nitrous oxide than petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles. One advantage of gas-powered buses is that they are quieter than diesel buses.

Is a gas-powered car a profitable investment?

Generally, yes. Gas-powered cars cost more or less the same as corresponding petrol-powered cars, but the fuel is cheaper. You can also convert a gasoline car to a biogas car.

Is it worth driving a gas-powered car despite the driving power tax?

The car tax for a gas-powered car lies between the tax rate of petrol and diesel cars. The driving power tax for a normal-sized gas-powered car is approximately 250 euros per year. Vans and trucks powered by gas have the same driving power tax as a corresponding diesel. Despite the driving power tax, vehicle gas is the cheapest fuel alternative, which gives about a 30 percent lower cost in consumption compared to petrol.

Is the technology reliable?

Gas-powered cars have been around for a long time. The technology is not new. Gas-powered cars are seen as a sustainable alternative because the wear and tear on them is generally less than with petrol-powered cars.