How clean should plastic packaging be?

Plastic packaging should be returned clean and dry. Dirty and smelly packaging is sorted as combustible waste. Plastic packaging is if needed rinsed with cold water and let dry. If hot water and dish soap is needed for cleaning, it is better from environmental perspective to put the packaging in combustible waste. If you are able to store the plastic packaging in your house for two weeks without any odour trouble, it is clean enough.

Our housing company has started sorting cardboard. What happens to it?

Cardboard is collected at Encore’s (former Paperinkeräys) unit in Liisanlehto, Vaasa. The cardboard is baled and eventually used as raw material for the paper industry. Sorting cardboard in a housing company is a good way to reduce waste costs. Cardboard takes up relatively much space in combustible waste, and properly sorted cardboard is cheaper than combustible waste. If the housing company has several containers for combustible waste, perhaps one can be replaced for cardboard?

Our housing company wants to collect plastic, is it possible?

Some waste transportation companies transport plastic as well. Contact your waste carrier to arrange plastic collection at your housing company.

What is vehicle gas?

Vehicle gas is refined biogas (CBG = compressed biogas), natural gas (CNG = compressed natural gas) or a mixture of the two gases. At Stormossen’s refuelling stations we sell only CBG. The gas used for vehicle gas refuelling is first compressed to about 300 bar and then filled into the car’s tank at about 200 bar.

Where do I find opening hours of the waste reception stations?
Which bags for biowaste work in the Stormossen plant?

We recommend that biowaste is sorted into Stormossen’s paper bags, other paper bags, e.g. flour or potato bags or bags made from folded newspapers

Why should eggshell be sorted as combustible waste?

Stormossen has decided to recommend sorting eggshell as combustible waste in stead of biowaste. The reason is that eggshell cause obstruction at our biowaste treatment plant which leads to service operations. To avoid long maintenance breaks and to ensure a continuous supply of biogas we ask our habitants to sort eggshell as combustible waste.

I don’t have a customer card. Can I still bring waste to a waste reception station?

You need to have your customer card with you when visiting a waste reception station. If you don’t have a customer card you can fill in a form on our website to order one. If you are in a hurry you can get a card from the waste reception station.

To download your customer card as an application on your smartphone you need your customer card number. If you already have a customer card but can’t find your card number you can ask for it at or by calling Stormossen’s office 010 320 7600 (Mon-Fri 10 am – 2 pm).

What kind of waste is sorted as biowaste?

All waste that decomposes, e.g. all food leftovers, peels from fruit and vegetables, fish trimmings, solid and liquid fats (in a carton packaging). Also coffee filters, tea bags, paper towels, napkins and faded flowers are biowaste. You can also put egg cartons in the biowaste but unfortunately egg shells cause huge trouble at our biowaste management plant so we recommend to put egg shells in combustible waste. Dog poop, cat sand etc. is not acceptable in the biowaste.

Where do I find Mikromossen’s timetable and stopping places?
Who is entitled to a customer card?

All households and holiday homes in our region are entitled to a customer card. Read more about how the customer card works by clicking on this link.

I produce no waste. Do I have to have a container?

Yes. All households must be connected to the municipal waste service. This is to minimise instances where waste is dumped in the nature. If you only produce a small amount of waste, then we recommend using a small waste container and optimised emptying intervals. A container shared with a neighbour is also an option.