Rowhouses and apartment blocks

Housing companies with five or more apartments must as of 1 July 2023 have waste containers on their own yard aimed for:

  • Biowaste
  • Combustible waste
  • Paper
  • Glass packages
  • Metal packages
  • Batteries
  • Plastic packages
  • Cardboard packages

As of 1 July 2023 Stormossen takes over the collection of packaging waste and batteries. L&T Ympäristöpalvelut Oy will take charge of packaging waste transports from 1 July 2023. Stormossen will be responsible for transport-related customer service and invoicing. As of 19 July Stormossen also takes over the collection of biowaste.

Hazardous waste, electrical and electronic waste, and large items must be brought to a waste reception station. Every household is entitled to Stormossen’s customer card and, consequently, an unlimited number of visits to a waste reception station. Our pop up waste reception station Mikromossen goes around Vaasa area. The pop up station is a service especially for those who don’t own a car or a trailer, and therefore have no possibility to visit waste reception stations very often. You can bring as much waste as you can carry by yourself to the pop up station.

Save money by sorting biowaste

One quarter of the content of combustible waste from row houses and high-rise buildings is faulty sorted bio-waste. By sorting biowaste more efficiently, the property’s total waste costs can be reduced.

Paper bags can be picked up from waste reception stations, Minimossen, Stormossen’s office in Kvevlax, or the citizen info in Vaasa and Vähäkyrö. Biowaste bags can also be picked up from Ekosoppi or the Red Cross flea market in Vaasa city center.

Information for general managers and housing companies

Due to new Waste act all rowhouses and apartment blocks with 5 or more apartments must have containers for plastic- and carton packaging in addition to the old containers. From July 2023 the transportation of packaging waste (metal, glas-, plastic- and carton packaging) and batteries is Stormossens responsibility. The housing company is still responsible for the organization of transportation of combustible waste. Encore Ympäristöpalvelut is responsible for the paper waste.

Stormossen will empty the waste bins at housing companies in the next intervals:

Biowaste 2 weeks

Plastic- and carton packaging 2 weeks

Metal- and glass packages 4 weeks

If you find that the intervals are not optimal for your housing company, please contact Stormossen’s logistics department at logistiikka@stormossen.fi. Please provide the name and address of your housing company, the name of your managing agent or contact person and the desired emptying intervals. Please also inform Stormossen if there are too many or too few containers or if they are not the right size for the type of waste in question.

At locked waste points, coded key boxes are used for keys to allow drivers to enter the waste point. The key box can be obtained by contacting Stormossen.

To simplify sorting

Check that the waste point and containers are within easy reach of both residents and the driver of the truck emptying the containers. Also check that there is enough space around the bins. To encourage sorting, it is important that the waste point is clean and tidy. Stormossen washes the biowaste bins twice a year at no extra cost. Other washing can be done by the housing association itself, or by Stormossen for a fee. Make sure that inappropriate waste is not left at the waste point.

Educate residents on waste sorting, especially new residents. Explain which waste belongs in the property’s own bins and which waste is taken to the recycling station. If necessary, residents can be given Stormossen sorting instructions, which can be ordered from Stormossen customer services. A wall-mounted sorting guide with pictures and new bin labels are also available.

Always inform Stormossen of new housing companies or a change of landlord. Tel 010 320 7600 or asiakaspalvelu@stormossen.fi.

Sort and save money

Around a fifth of the waste incinerated in rowhouses and apartment blocks is incorrectly sorted biowaste, which can save both the environment and money. However, the majority of incinerated waste is plastic and cardboard packaging, the effective sorting of which clearly reduces the need to dispose of the most expensive type of waste – incinerated waste. This allows a property to reduce its overall waste management costs.

Paper bags for bio-waste can be collected from all waste recetion stations, Minimossen, the Citizens’ Information Centre in Vaasa and Vähäkyrö and the Vaasa City Library. Paper bags for bio-waste can also be collected from the Ekosoppi shop and the SPR Kirppis in central Vaasa, as well as from the Retro Bazar in Sepänkylä.