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Rowhouses and apartment blocks

Housing companies with five or more apartments must have waste containers on their own yard aimed for:

  • Biowaste
  • Combustible waste
  • Paper
  • Glass packaging
  • Metal packaging
  • Batteries

Housing companies can also have waste containers for:

  • Carton packaging
  • Plastic packaging

Contact your waste transporter if you want to start sorting cardboard and plastic packaging in your housing company.

Hazardous waste, electrical and electronic waste and larger items shall be brought to a waste reception station. Every household in the housing company is entitled to Stormossen’s customer card and limitless amount of visits to a waste reception station.

Save money by sorting biowaste

One quarter of the content of combustible waste from row houses and high-rise buildings is faulty sorted bio-waste. By sorting biowaste more efficiently, the property’s total waste costs can be reduced. The bio-waste treatment fee is 70 €/ton (VAT 0%). For combustible waste, the fee is 133€/ton (VAT 0%).

Paper bags and containers for bio-waste can be collected from the recycling stations, Stormossen’s office in Koivulahti or from the citizen info in Vaasa and Vähäkyrö. Bio-waste bags can also be picked up from Ekosoppi or the Red Cross flea market in the centre of Vaasa. Contact the waste transporter if you want brown paper bags for bio-waste available at your own waste point or at another location at the property.

Information for general managers and housing companies

Always notify Stormossen about new housing companies or change of general manger in a housing company tel. 010 320 7610 or

Make sure that the waste point and containers are easily accessible, both for the residents and for the waste transporters. There should be enough space around the waste containers. Ensure that the number and the size of the containers as well as the emptying intervals correspond to the needs of the property. Make sure the waste point is kept clean and tidy and that the bio-waste container is washed enough often, so that it is neat and motivates for sorting.

Inform the residents, especially new ones, about the waste sorting. Provide information about which waste belongs in the property’s waste containers and which waste should be brought to the recycling station. If necessary, Stormossen’s information material about household sorting can be distributed to the residents. You can order information material via the households sorting consulting tel. 010 320 7676. Make sure that unauthorized waste is not left at the waste point.

Clear information at the waste point about what the container may contain makes it easier to sort. Make sure the containers are marked with waste type decals. Contact the waste transporter for questions regarding decals.