Carton packages

Empty, clean, dry, and flattened packages made of cardboard, paper, and paperboard that are packed inside one another belong in the collection for carton packages.

Carton packages include corrugated cardboard boxes, cartons for milk and juice, cartons for dry products like cereal and biscuit packets, cardboard containers for ready meals, paper bags, pizza boxes, egg cartons, disposable tableware made of cardboard, toilet and kitchen roll tubes, wrapping paper like copy paper wrappings, cardboard carriers for beverages, like six-packs and cases, packing material made of carton.

What should I be aware of?

Remove all food so that nothing remains in the packaging. Drain milk or other liquids from the carton. Rinse the packaging quickly with cold water. Please allow the packaging to dry out a little before placing it into the take-back container. As a rule of thumb, packaging should be clean enough to be stored at home for a few days without a notable smell.

Plastic corks, staples or tapings do not need to be removed, but it is important to flatten the packages before leaving them for recycling. When cartons are flattened, it is possible to empty collection containers less frequently.

If a package contains several materials which cannot be separated, the packaging should be recycled according to the main material. If the percentage of paper fiber is higher than the percentage of plastic, the package is sorted to carton packages.

Where can I sort carton?

Anyone can sort carton and bring it to a Rinki ecopoint or to some of our waste reception stations. Carton packages are collected from all housing companies with five or more apartments.

What happens to the carton?

Recycled carton is turned into i.e. material for corrugated or packaging cardboard and specialty papers. Sorted carton is transported to a carton mill to be used as raw material, and carton fibre as well as plastic and aluminium coatings are separated from the carton. The plastic is dried and used for energy production. The aluminium coating in the carton packaging is separated and can be used as a raw material for new products.

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Sorting instructions for carton packages in Ukrainian.

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