Household customer card

Households and holiday homes in the Stormossen region pay a so-called eco-fee annually. This entitles them to a customer card that is needed when visiting our waste reception stations. The customer card can be ordered here or during a visit to the waste reception station.

To download your customer card as an application on your smartphone you need your customer card number. You can ask for your card number at info@stormossen.fi or or by calling Stormossen’s office 010 320 7600. In the application there is also a sorting guide, the waste reception stations’ contact information and news regarding services and opening hours.

Customer card terms

  • The customer card is a valuable document that should be kept carefully.
  • Notify Stormossen if you lose your customer card in order to block it immediately.
  • Notify Stormossen if you change address. When you move your customer card goes with you as the customer card is personal.
  • Customer cards for households may not be used for the delivery of commercial waste.
  • The card entitles users to bring a maximum of 2 m3 waste per visit.
  • Waste must be sorted according to current instructions. Sort at home so you save everyone’s time at the waste reception station!
  • The card does not apply to any other services at the waste reception stations.
  • Stormossen has the right to block cards that are abused.
  • The customer card is used as a means of payment when buying compost soil. Your card is scanned and you will receive an invoice in the post.
  • As we provide statistics on all visits, your customer card is scanned on every visit.
  • Stormossen reserves the right to change prices and conditions for the customer card without prior notice.