Development projects

Circular economy Mustasaari (Korsholm)

A sub-goal of the project is to be able to utilise available resources at Stormossen, e.g. excess heat.

Biogas Botnia

The Biogas Botnia project was aimed at promoting the production of biogas and the efficient use of biogas. The project was carried out in collaboration between Sweden and Finland in order to exchange experiences and knowledge. Within the project, a roadmap was drawn with politicians, business, universities and other biogas actors in the Bothnia region. The roadmap deals with the raw material potential for biogas, the market potential if the gas is used as a vehicle fuel, and the socio-economic benefits of increasing the production and use of biogas. During the final phase of the project, Stormossen and Vaasa City signed a cooperation agreement to use biogas in the city’s buses. The project area was Västerbotten County, Västernorrland County and the Province of Ostrobothnia. The project’s financiers were Botnia Atlantica (EU), the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Ab Stormossen Oy and BioFuel Region.


The purpose of the project was to investigate the economic and material conditions for increasing the production of biogas and to increase the use and production of biogas in Ostrobothnia. The project was aimed at promoting the use of renewable natural resources in rural areas and increasing the knowledge about the opportunities of using biogas in private motoring, professional traffic and other areas, e.g. agriculture. The project is being carried out by the University of Vaasa and is also financed by the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia / Tampere Regional Council, Stormossen, Jeppo Biogas and VASEK.

Samples for Analysis

Four times per year samples are taken for analysis. The aim of the analyses is to obtain a picture of how well the sorting of biowaste and combustible waste in households within the Stormossen region of activity works. Samples are taken and analysed from biowaste, packaged biowaste, combustible waste from homeowners’ houses and combustible waste from housing companies.

Customer survey

Every two years, a customer survey is carried out among the residents of Stormossen’s owner municipalities. The purpose of the survey is to map the residents’ opinions and experiences of Stormossen’s activities and services.