Visits and advice

Environmental education and advice are services that we offer at no extra cost. The availability of the services varies depending on prevailing circumstances, and we recommend that you contact us well in advance of your desired time.

Visits to the waste treatment centre

Groups are welcome to visit the waste treatment centre. The programme can be adapted according to the group’s wishes. We usually start indoors with a lecture and finish with a tour of the facility.

Stormossen’s facility is suitable for children aged 10 and older. A suitable group size is a maximum of 20 people. In line with our educational path, we prioritize visits to the waste treatment centre for 7th grade students.

Our facility is an industrial area with active operations. The tour is conducted based on the group’s capabilities and the current work situation at the facility.

Visits to you?

We visit schools, associations, and various themed events to talk about sorting, recycling and waste management in general. The content is tailored according to your needs and wishes.

Among school students, we prioritize 2nd grade classes in line with our educational path. Visits for 2nd graders are booked through the 4H association responsible for the municipality’s 4H activities. Contact information can be found here.

Other groups can book a visit by contacting our Environmental Educator Sini Hemming at or 010 320 7647.

Visit Westenergy

Westenergy’s waste incineration plant is located next to Stormossen’s waste treatment centre. Here, visitor groups learn how mixed waste (combustible waste) becomes energy. The visit begins with a company presentation and ends with a guided tour of the facility. Contact Westenergy’s Information Officer Sanna Hautamaa at