Moving Checklist

When moving, it is important to also notify your waste management service of any changes. According to waste management regulations, the property owner is obliged to inform the municipal waste management company, Stormossen, of any changes in address or contact details before the property is handed over to a new owner.

Submit a notification of change of address via this form or provide the necessary information via email at or by phone at 010 320 7600.

The following information must be provided:

  • Moving date. The resident pays the eco-charge until the end of the month in which they still reside in the old apartment. Mixed waste handling fees and any biowaste emptying fees are billed up to the moving date.
  • New address (including outside Stormossen’s operating area). Mixed waste handling fees and any biowaste emptying fees are always billed retrospectively. If paper billing is used, the invoice will find its way directly to the correct address. If an email invoice or e-invoice is used, a new address is not necessarily needed if it is outside Stormossen’s operating area.
  • The contract for mixed waste (combustible waste) transportation must be cancelled. The notification is made directly to the transport company that empties the property’s mixed waste. Stormossen cannot terminate mixed waste emptying services.
  • When moving to Stormossen’s operating area, fill out the moving notification or contact customer service well in advance to ensure that waste management starts operating immediately.

In rental agreements, the landlord and tenant can agree on who is responsible for the costs of waste management. If not otherwise specified, the invoice is primarily sent to the waste producer, i.e. the resident.

  • Tenants must notify their moving date and new address in advance for retrospective billing. A new tenant must notify the move-in date.
  • If the landlord is responsible for waste management fees, the landlord must inform Stormossen.