Where to get more biowaste bags?

Biowaste bags can be collected free of charge from our waste reception stations or citizens’ information centre in Vaasa (the main library) or Vähäkyrö. Bags are dealed also at Ekosoppi and Red cross flea market.

Can we sort biowaste in private households?

Yes! You will help the environment by sorting your biowaste. Contact your transport company for price information. More information about the opportunities available can be found on the biowaste webpage.

Why don’t biodegradable bags work?

Biodegradable bags are not always 100 % degradable and are tested in laboratories with different circumstances than our biowaste treatment plant has.

Which bags for biowaste work in the Stormossen plant?

Biowaste can be sorted into Stormossen’s paper bags, other paper bags, e.g. flour or potato bags or bags made from folded newspapers