Corporate customer card

Companies, communities and associations need customer cards when visiting the waste reception stations. Application for a customer card can be made HERE.

The customer card costs 10 € (VAT 0%) and each visit costs 26 € per 2m³ waste.

Terms for corporate customer cards

  • The customer card is a valuable document that should be kept carefully.
  • Notify Stormossen if you lose your customer card in order to block it immediately.
  • The customer is responsible for permits and documents for the transport of waste.
  • The customer card must not be transferred to a person outside the company.
  • The card entitles the holder to a maximum of 2m³ waste per visit.
  • Waste must be sorted according to instructions. Sort well already at the place where the waste is created. In this way, everyone’s time is saved at the waste reception station.
  • Stormossen reserves the right to change prices and conditions for the customer card without prior notice.
  • Stormossen has the right to block customer cards that are abused.

The customer card does not apply to:

  • hazardous waste
  • asbestos
  • pressure-impregnated wood
  • greenhouse waste
  • other special waste

These are invoiced according to the current price list.

These waste types are always free:

  • recycled paper and cardboard
  • metal scrap
  • electrical and electronic scrap (quantities corresponding to households)