Corporate customer card

Companies, communities and associations need customer cards when visiting the waste reception stations. Application for a customer card can be made by clicking on this link.

The customer card costs 10 € (VAT 0%) and each visit costs 36,29 € ( VAT 0%) per 2 m³ waste.

Terms for corporate customer cards

Stormossen produces waste management services in accordance with Section 33 of the Waste Act (Supplementary obligation of a municipality to organise waste management) against presentation of the customer card. Stormossen can only receive waste in accordance with its environmental status. The customer’s obligation is to know the properties of the waste and to present proof on the condition of the waste upon request. Stormossen has the right to refuse to accept waste if it is not possible to receive and treat the waste in the quantity or condition it is delivered. It is the customer’s responsibility to hold valid permits and documents for the transportation of waste.

  • The customer card is a valuable document that should be kept carefully.
  • Notify Stormossen if you lose your customer card in order to block it immediately.
  • The customer card must not be transferred to a person outside the company.
  • The card entitles the holder to a maximum of 2 m³ waste per visit.
  • Waste must be sorted according to instructions. Sort well already at the place where the waste is created. In this way, everyone’s time is saved at the waste reception station.
  • Stormossen may alter prices and terms for the customer card without prior notice.
  • Stormossen has the right to block customer cards that are abused or if the customer has overdue and unpaid invoices.

The customer card does not apply to:

  • hazardous waste
  • asbestos
  • pressure-impregnated wood
  • greenhouse waste
  • other special waste

These are invoiced according to the current price list.

These waste types are always free:

  • recycled paper and cardboard
  • metal scrap
  • plastic packaging (clean and dry)
  • electrical and electronic scrap (quantities corresponding to households)