Refuel with us

The second station opens in 2020

Our second biogas refuelling station opens at ABC Kiitokaari, Risö Vaasa (address: Kiitokaari 2).

Here you can refuel now

Gastor refuelling station
Stormossenintie 3
665530 Koivulahti (Kvevlax)

Price 1.45€/kg

The refuelling station has an NVG1 refuelling nozzle.
At the refuelling station you can pay using all bank and credit cards except American Express.

The refuelling station is located by the bypass road next to Stormossen’s waste management centre, about 8 km north of Vaasa.

Info about biogas

Filling instructions
Emergency instructions
Product information (in finnish)
Operational safety bulletin for biomethane (in finnish)