For schools

Sustainable development is included in the curriculum at all school levels. Sustainability issues are part of students’ everyday life, and there is a deliberate effort in many schools and daycare centers to promote sustainable thinking both within and outside daily activities.

At Stormossen, we work with the waste hierarchy as a guiding principle for our operations. You can familiarize yourself with it and discuss questions regarding its different levels, for instance:

  • What is waste and why does it occur?
  • How can you reduce your waste?
  • What should we do with waste?
  • Which things could you buy second hand?
  • How do you sort waste at home?
  • What is food waste and how can we reduce it?
  • Who has the responsibility to keep the nature clean?

Suggested activities in class:

  • Sort waste. You need containers for different types of waste and rubbish. Encourage the students to build a rubbish mountain. Sort and discuss. Not sure where an item belongs? Use Stormossen’s sorting guide and practice using digital applications at the same time. We also lend waste sorting kits containing a bag of rubbish, sorting bins, and correct answers.
  • Pick up litter. Challenge another class or school.
  • Hold a clothes or item swap day.

We have a versatile resource bank available in both Finnish and Swedish, which you are very welcome to utilize as needed. The materials can be found on the “For Schools” page for each language.

Please contact Environmental Educator Sini Hemming or 010 320 7647 if you would like to borrow the waste sorting kit or if you have any questions about the campaigns or materials.