For schools

Every Finn produces even 600 kg of waste per year. As there are large quantities produced, it is important to sort it properly and prevent any build-up of rubbish. How are we going to fix the rubbish together?

First, it is important to understand the objectives of the waste directives. That is the foundation of our business.

  1. Reduce the generation of waste and its harmfulness.
  2. Prepare waste for reuse.
  3. Recycle excisting material.
  4. Produce energy from waste.
  5. Final storage as landfill.

Suggestions for class discussions:

  • What is waste and why does it occur?
  • How can you reduce your waste?
  • What should we do with waste?
  • How do you sort waste at home?
  • What is food waste and how can we reduce it?
  • Who has the responsibility to keep the nature clean?

Suggested activities in class:

  • Sorting waste. You need containers for different types of waste and rubbish. Activate the students to build a rubbish mountain. Sort and discuss. Are you unsure of where an item belongs? Use the Stormossen sorting guide and practice using digital applications at the same time. We also lend sorting kits with a bag of rubbish, sorting bins and correct answers. Contact the environmental educator if you are interested: or 010 320 7600.
  • Pick up litter. Challenge another class or school.
  • Hold a clothing or item swap day.
  • Build a ‘future tree’ of recycled material. How do you want your nature and surroundings to look when you grow up? Write your wish in the tree.

Stormossen organises campaigns together with other waste companies annually. We hope that you will participate with new students every year.