Environment and quality

Stormossen works actively to reduce the impact of waste management on the environment and to ensure that the workplace is as safe and pleasant as possible for the staff. As an aid to effective work, Stormossen has built up a management system according to the international standards ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. As a result of the company’s goal-oriented work, Stormossen was granted the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate in May 2004, the OHSAS 18001 for occupational health & safety in May 2010, and the ISO 9001 quality certificate in May 2013.

Stormossen continuously develops and improves its operations and sets new goals for its operations annually. Emissions to the environment are regularly checked and reported each year in an annual report.

Contact Environmental Manager Johanna Penttinen-Källroos for more information, tel. +358 10 320 7636.

Policy for quality, health & safety and the environment

Stormossen strives to continuously improve quality, health & safety and environmental issues by preventing the occurrence of sickness, accidents and environmental damage from its activities. To fulfil this, we shall:

  • comply with applicable health & safety and environmental legislation as well as the authority’s regulations in all activities.
  • keep the customer in focus and maintain a high level of service.
  • dispose of waste as environmentally and economically as possible, including the entire process from collection and transport to treatment, through re-use, recycling, energy recovery, destruction and disposal, at approved facilities.
  • further refine the waste treated in the biogas plant to high-quality end products for commercial recycling.
  • collaborate with other players in the industry, especially producers of biogas and energy, suppliers of waste and substrates to the biogas plant, suppliers of waste for waste incineration and end-users of refined waste.
  • minimise air, water and soil emissions from our plants.
  • apply our policy and consider the quality, the environmental and work environment aspects of investments, procurements and purchases.
  • Save on energy and raw materials.
  • Continuously conduct development work and constantly improve the management system for quality, health & safety and the environment.
  • maintain a high level of knowledge and share our knowledge and information about our services.
  • regularly report the results of our activities in a public report.

Our employees must, based on employer responsibility and on their own personal responsibility, have a safe, innovative and healthy work environment.