Plastic packaging

As the name suggests, only packagings made of plastic belong in plastic recycling.

A plastic packaging is a cover used to pack a product, e.g. plastic bottles, jars, and containers. Dry and clean plastic packagings, such as tomato boxes, yogurt tubs, or packages for cold cuts belong in plastic recycling. Toy packagings and packets for other items also belong here. Plastic bags are also counted as plastic packagings, along with plastic packagings for detergents, shampoos, and soaps. In addition, plastic bottles, canisters, and cans are welcome in plastic recycling. If possible, please flatten the packaging.

What To Do Before Recycling a Packaging:

Plastic packagings must be dry and clean. Rinse quickly with cold water and dry the package. Remove corks and caps. Take the empty, dry, and clean plastic container for recycling. If the packaging smells bad, it can be sorted as combustible waste. Do not nest plastic packaging unless you are sure it is the same sort of plastic. At the recycling plant the sorting happens automatically and the scanner can not recognize different sorts of plastic if they are nested.

What Should Not be Sorted as Plastic Packaging?

Toys, sledges, watering cans, candle holders, flowerpots, and other plastic items that are not packagings are sorted as combustible waste. Packagings that are dirty or contain residues of hazardous waste must not be sorted as plastic.

What happens to all the plastic packagings?

Plastic packagings are recycled at Fortum’s plastic refinery in Riihimäki, where they are used as raw material for the manufacture of new plastic products. Old plastic packagings are used to manufacture plastic granules, plastic bags, flowerpots, and plastic buckets. Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy is responsible for the recycling of plastic packagings.

Where Can I Take Plastic Packagings?

If you live in a high-rise building or row house with at least five homes, the housing company must have its own container for plastic recycling by July 2023 the latest. Plastic packagings are also received at all waste reception stations.

You can take plastic packagings to the following Ecopoints:

  • Mustasaari Sepänkylän NS
  • Maalahti Köpings S-market
  • Korsnäs Sale
  • Vaasa Prisma Kotiranta
  • Vaasa Prisma Liisanlehto
  • Vaasa Citymarket Kivihaka
  • Vaasa Lidl Melaniemi
  • Vaasa S-market Gerby
  • Vaasa Vikingan venesataman ekopiste
  • Vaasa Vähäkyrö Urheilupolun ekopiste
  • Isokyrö S-market
  • Vöyri S-market

You can print out stickers for plastic packaging containers here (PDF).

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