Soil prices

Stormossen’s compost soil is sold at the Sortaterminaali, close to Stormossen’s waste centre in Koivulahti. Sacks which contain 500 kg and 1000 kg compost soil will be for sale. Larger quantities can be picked up at the Soraterminaali or home-delivered by using the Soraterminaali’s webshop from 22.4.2023 (external link in Finnish).

Buy Stormossen’s compost soil from Soraterminaali as of 22.4.2023

Address: Djupsjö skogsväg 1 (close to Stormossen’s waste centre)
Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday 8-17, Thursday – Friday at 8-19, Saturday 10-14
Cash, payment cards or invoice serve as a means of payment

Price list including loading service

Car trailer 500 kg: 35€/trailer
Braked car trailer 1000 kg: 45€/trailer

Price list whitout loading service

Car trailer 500 kg: 25€/trailer
Braked car trailer 1000 kg: 35€/trailer

Garden soil (large amounts)


Any questions?

If you have questions about Stormossen’s compost soil, please call Soraterminaali 040 623 9747 or Stormossen’s switchboard 010 320 7600 on weekdays at 10-14.