Soil prices

When buying soil using a car trailer, your customer card serves as a means of payment. We will send you an invoice after your visit. We do not accept cash or payment cards.

Compost soil for lawns

  •  15 euros/trailer (without loading service)
  •  25 euro/trailer (loaded on trailer)

Garden Soil

  • 20 euros/trailer (without loading service)
  • 30 euro/trailer (loaded on trailer)

Compost soil for lawns (large amounts)

When buying larger amounts of soil (tractor trailer or truck body), the amount of soil is being weighed. According to prices per ton we will send you an invoice after your visit. Our staff will load for you.

  • 19,50 euros/ton (VAT included)

Garden soil (large amounts)

  • 27 euros/ton (VAT included)

If you have questions about Stormossen’s compost soil or enquiries for larger quantities, please e-mail Orders can be placed by telephone number 010 320 7600 (weekdays 10-14).

Sales locations

Soil selling takes a break during the winter

Stormossen’s compost soil is sold at the following places:

Stormossen’s waste management centre, Stormossenintie 56

At the waste manegement centre in Koivulahti you can buy both soil for lawns (from the 4th of May 2022) and soil for gardens (from the 11th of May 2022). Loading service is available on weekdays during 8-12 and 13-16.

  • Mon-Fri 7-19 (trailers), 7-17 (large skips)
  • loading service weekdays 8-12 and 13-16

Isokyrö Waste reception station

At the waste reception station in Isokyrö you can buy soil for gardens from the 11th of May 2022. No loading service.

  • May-October Wed 12-19
  • May-September also Tue 12-19