Waste bin max. 140 liters

Treatment fee: 3,12€
Transportation fee: 5,43€
Total: 8,56€

Waste bin max. 240 liters

Treatment fee: 5,36€
Transportation fee: 5,43€
Total: 10,79€

Combustible waste

The treatment fee regarding combustible waste is invoiced by Stormossen as of 1st of January 2023. Due to technical issues the billing of treatment fee during 1.1.-30.6.2023 is postponed. Please make sure your waste transportation company is only billing you for the transportation fee. Please contact your waste transportation company if you have paid for the treatment fee, and if necessary the Vaasa Region’s Waste Committee. Some waste transporter companies will continue to invoice the transport of the combustible waste, while other companies have transfered the invoicing for the transport to Stormossen. As of October 2023 Stormossen will also invoice the emptying and transport of biowaste and packaging waste.

Waste bin max. 140 liters

Treatment fee: 2,33€

Waste bin max. 240 liters

Treatment fee: 3,99€

Multi Compartment Container

Treatment fee: 1€
Transportation fee: 13,86€
Total: 14,86€

Other costs

Service fee for dividing an invoice: 3,10€ /invoice/partner

The fee for a paper invoice: 2,36€ / invoice

Read about the eco-charge here.

Note that the property holder is responsible of maintaining the driveway, wastepoint and waste bins, e.g. snow clearing, sanding, removing ice and thawing frozen waste to enable emptying of the bins. If the waste bin can not be emptied due to omission of the aspects above, Stormossen is according to the waste management regulations entitled to charge for needless emptying.