Mikromossen is a pop up waste reception station which goes round Vaasa area. The pop up station is a service especially for those who don’t own a car or a trailer, and therefore have no possibility to visit waste reception stations very often. You can bring as much waste as you can carry by yourself to the pop up station.

Remember to take Stormossen’s customer card with you. 

You can bring following waste to Mikromossen:

  • End-of-life textiles
  • Wood (max. 1 meter)
  • Combustible waste
  • Plastic packaging
  • Metal
  • Glass packaging
  • Cardboard och paperboard
  • Useful textiles and clothing
  • Tiles and ceramics
  • Small electrical products and electronic waste (not big household machines like fridges and freezers)

Timetable and stopping places in January-March 2023:


Gerby Market Square , Tuomonkuja
Tuesday 31.1.2023, 28.3.2023
At 16-16.30


Joutsenenkatu, close to the former Rinki ecopoint (Teeriniemi)
Tuesday 31.1.2023, 28.3.2023
At 17.15-18

Lidl Melaniemi, Rinki-ecopoint
Tuesday 14.3.2023
At 16-17.15

Ristinummi dog park
Tuesday 14.3.2023
At 17.45-18.30


Itäinen Kasarmintori, parking lot
Tuesday 7.2.2023
At 16-17.15

Vaasa Main Library (Ratakatu 1, parking lot)
Tuseday 7.2.2023
At 17.45-18.30

Hietalahti school (Rivikatu, parking lot)
Tuseday 14.2.2023
At 16-17

Suvilahti school
Tuesday 14.2.2023
At 17.30-18.30

The former bus station of Vaasa
Tuesday 21.2.2023
At 16-16.30

Vaasa Market Square
Tuesday 28.2.2023
At 16-18

Rantakatu, Kruunumakasiini playing area
Tuesday 21.3.2023
At 16-17

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art (Kirjastokatu side)
Tuesday 21.3.2023
At 17.30-18


Sepänkylä youth association, Rinki ecopoint
Tuesday 21.2.2023
At 17-17.45


ST1 Palosaari
Tuesday 7.3.2023
At 16-17.15

Palosaari square market
Tuesday 7.3.2023
At 17.45-19