Holiday homes

Waste from your holiday home can be managed in different ways:

  • own waste containers at the holiday property, bio-waste can be composted.
  • shared waste bins with a neighbour.
  • company bins, e.g. for summer cottage associations, marinas or road associations.
  • another reception point for mixed waste for which the treatment fee has been paid (e.g. Stormossen locked bin).
  • the waste is taken to the permanent residence.

You can connect your holiday home to a locked bin for mixed waste. The container costs 25 euros/season and can be used 1.5-30.9. The key deposit is 20 euros. Year-round usage costs 60 euros. Fill in this form (in Finnish) and your key will arrive by post.

The locked bins for mixed waste are located at these places.

Recyclable and hazardous waste generated at the holiday home is delivered to the reception points provided by Stormossen or the producer organisations.


Waste reception stations

Archipelago scrap collection