Holiday homes

Waste from your holiday home can be managed in different ways:

  • Take the waste with you to the waste bin at home.
  • Compost the biowaste.
  • Get a waste container for your cottage and arrange with a transport company on emptying it.
  • Use key containers for combustible waste.

You can connect your holiday home to a key container for combustible waste. The container costs 25 euros/season and can be used 1.5-30.9. The key deposit is 20 euros. Fill in the form and return it to a waste reception station or to the Stormossen office.

Year-round usage costs 60 euros.

The waste bins for combustible waste are located outside the gates of all waste reception stations and at the following places:

BRÄNDÖVIK, ekopunkt, Vistanvägen
KARVAT, Karvatvägen
KORSNÄS, Sale, Industrivägen 3
MALAX, Neste Strandvägen 1521
MAXMO, Sale Maxmovägen 239
MOLPE, ecopoint, Söderbyvägen 2
ORAVAIS, boat harbour
ORAVAIS, Bötesvägen
ORAVAIS, Järnlotsvägen
OXKANGAR, Långskär harbour
PETSMO, Petsmo handelslag, Petsmovägen 509
REPLOT, Sale, Vallgrundsvägen 1
SÄRKIMO, Särkimo 919
Öjskata, Öjskatavägen, harbour
Österö, Tarmo butik, Österö, 2017

Paper, glass, metal and batteries are brought to an ecopoint.

As an owner of a holiday home, you are entitled to two free visits to our waste reception stations. The visits are registered on your customer card. The customer card can be downloaded as an application onto your smartphone or ordered from the Stormossen office, or even from a waste reception station. You need your customer number to download the application.

Archipelago scrap collection

A scrap collection campaign is arranged every summer in the archipelago, the next campaign is arranged 26. 7. – 28.7. 2019. Metal, electrical and electronic scrap can be brought to collection sites at the following locations:

Korsnäs: Storkors, Östra Strömgrund, Harrström (fishing harbour)
Malax: Bockören, Åminne (fishing harbour), Bredhällan
Korsholm: Kastet, Petsmo (fishing harbour), Norra Vallgrund (fishing harbour), Svedjehamn (Björköby)
Vasa: Kutterhamnen, Långskär, Byören
Vörå: Stråkaviken, Nabben, Hällnäs (boat harbour), Oravais (boat harbour)

During the campaign, the service vessel Roope-Botnia will operate in the archipelago collecting scrap at Jannes Saloon, Lars Björkasskär and Rönnskär (old pilot station). Questions about scrap pickups at other times should be made directly to Roope-Botnia, tel. +358 50-5575022.