Where do I find the opening hours for the waste reception stations?
Where do I find Mikromossen’s timetable and stopping places?
What do I need to know before I visit the waste reception station?

Check list for visit at the waste reception station:

  • Sort waste already at home. In this way you make it easier for yourself and our staff when you empty the car at the waste reception centre. Please reserve enough time for your visit.
  • The number of visits are unlimited. Please, bring no more than 2 m3 (one trailer) of waste per visit.
  • Children under 12 years are safest inside the car.
  • Heavy items are received only at the Stormossen waste centre station.
  • You can donate items in good condition at the waste reception station. This way they can be re-used at Minimossen.
  • Remember your customer card. If you don’t have a customer card you can order one here or get one at the waste reception station. You can also download the customer card as an application on your smartphone.


How does a self-service waste reception station work?

There is no personnel present on the self-service station. The costumer opens the gate with Stormossens customer card by showing the code to the card reader and then sorting the waste on its own. If necessary, there is a duty phone number to call for advice. The self-service stations are open for the customers to visit when it suits them best.