About Stormossen

Ab Stormossen Oy

The Stormossen company is owned by six municipalities in Ostrobothnia to manage the waste from the owner municipalities. The company’s turnover was 13.6 million euros in 2017. The centre of the business consists of the waste treatment plant in Koivulahti (Kvevlax) in the municipality of Mustasaari (Korsholm). Stormossen currently employs about 40 people.
Stormossen’s business is an example of a real circular economy. We deal with biowaste and sludge and convert it into compost soil and biogas vehicle fuel. The result is a climate-smart cycle of nutrients and energy.

BIG Biogas

Stormossen’s first refuelling Station for vehicle biogas was opened in February 2017 and the refinery, which converts the biogas into vehicle gas, started in May. The Vaasa region’s first public refuelling station for vehicle gas is now available at Stormossen. In the same area, a bus depot has been built for the slow-fill refuelling of the city’s twelve gas-powered buses. A second public refuelling station opened in spring 2020 at the southern exit from Vaasa.

Compost soil for sale

Sales of compost soil have been ongoing since 2009 and have included garden soil and lawn soil. The company began to handle the sale of compost soil under its own initiative in 2016. The compost soil is made from digestate produced from the digestion of biowaste and sludge.

The recycling rate for municipal waste is over 98%. Our goal is that more than half of the municipal waste produced is recycled as material. Stormossen maintains a comprehensive and easily accessible infrastructure to receive waste. The network consists of ecopoints, key containers for combustible waste, campaign collections, manned recycling stations as well as a mobile recycling station. The services also include a pick-up service, skip and trailer rentals and an active information policy promoting the services we provide.

Mission and Vision


Stormossen handles the tasks transferred to them by the owner municipalities in a sustainable, modern, technically-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Vision 2020

  • Stormossen is the most efficient municipal waste management company in Finland.
  • The total cost of the household waste service provided is competitive.
  • Over 90% of households believe that Stormossen has a good or a very good customer-friendly form of waste management.
  • Stormossen is an innovative company that actively contributes to the Vaasa region’s energy cluster, circular economy and climate policy goals.

Strategy 2020

  • Stormossen seeks economies of scale through vertical integration, control of waste streams and cooperation.
  • Stormossen uses modern and environmentally-friendly technologies and processes to produce recyclable materials and refine waste into commercial products.
  • Stormossen reduces the amount of waste and improves the quality of sorting and collection through close cooperation with the customer.
  • Stormossen is a safe, pleasant and innovative workplace with knowledgeable and customer-oriented staff.

Stormossen is


Responsibility for people and the environment


Effective high-quality processes, services and products


Profitable renewal for the benefit of our customers


Together we achieve more

Owner municipalities

Vaasa and Korsholm were the joint founders of Stormossen. The official start of the company, took place in 1985. Stormossen is owned by six municipalities – Vaasa, Korsholm, Isokyrö, Korsnäs, Malax and Vörå. In these six municipalities live approx. 100,000 inhabitants.