The Minimossen recycling mall

Recycle, shop, enjoy

Minimossen is the first recycling mall in Finland. We sell carefully selected recycled items. Minimossen is like a treasure trove when you are looking for cool things carefully treated with love. At Minimossen you can shop in a smart and sustainable way. The waste company Stormossen is the initiator of Minimossen.

Sort and shop

Bring your waste

You can bring combustible waste, wood, plastic, cardboard and glass packaging, metal, textiles, paper, ceramics, tiles, window glass, small electrical appliances and hazardous waste. You can also donate smaller items for re-use that are intact and clean. Larger quantities of waste or large items, such as furniture, can be brought to the recycling station at Sammonkatu.

Companies at Minimossen

Marianne Poola

Yesterday once more

Yesterday once more sells vintage clothing and products made from recycled materials based on a sustainable concept.

“The textile industry in particular pollutes the earth and consumes resources. Choosing a high-quality vintage garment is an easy and stylish way to buy responsibly,” entrepreneur Marianne Poola says.

Eden flowers, Jennie McCrea

Eden Flowers

The woman behind the beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements at Eden Flowers is Jennie McCrea. With her knowledge, passion and flowers she is hoping to spread joy through the bouquets.

At Minimossen Jennie also sells trendy houseplants, recycled vases, flowerpots and other gift items.

Repop Vintage, Martti Kass ja Stacey Thomas

Repop Vintage

Repop vintage is selling upcycled and restored furniture, light fixtures and interior decoration items. In the Repop shop you will also find a separate section for furniture and light fixtures from the 60s and 70s.

The company is run by Martti Kass and Stacey Thomas, who wish to honour the craftsmanship of the old masters through their work.

Minimossen x SPR, Maarit Rintamäki ja Maaya Raatsuk

Minimossen x FRC

Some of the stuff that passes through Stormossen goes to charity via one of Minimossen’s partners. In the shop you will find the stand of FRC, the proceeds of which go directly to the Finnish Red Cross.

“We are delighted to be a part of Minimossen”, say Maarit Rintamäki, Head of service at the FRC charity shop in Vaasa, and media manager Mayya Ratsuk.

Ann Bäck

Ann Bäck

Ann Bäck designs sustainable products for the home. Sustainability, ethics and keeping the production close have always been important to her.

At Minimossen Ann Bäck sells, among other things, compostable dishcloths. She looks forward to the collaboration with the recycling mall, which she describes as “something uplifting in a neat packaging with great values”.

Maria Nabb

New & Old by Maena

Behind New & Old by Maena stands entrepreneur Maria Nabb. She has been designing and fixing her clothes since childhood. “As a problem solver, I love the feeling of recycling, being creative and coming up with new ideas” says Maria Nabb.

At Minimossen she sells clothes and accessories, which are made from recycled textiles.

Design Kaje

Design Kaje

Design Kaje gives old and much-loved objects a new life and a new function. Out of love for old objects and their history and with a pinch of Ostrobothnian madness, the furniture carpenter and interior designer Jenni Kaustinen started Deign Kaje.

At Minimossen, Design Kaje sells unexpected recycled things such as lamps of old desk phones, speakers of books and jewellery made of porcelain.


Do you want to join us?

We offer different options for entrepreneurs. You can rent anything from a single shelf to a larger retail space. At the moment, we are especially looking for companies that can repair and sell bicycles, sports equipment, children’s toys and electronics. The entrepreneur must have a Business ID and a short business plan.

Service manager Seppo Ruostekoski, tel. 010 320 7660 will tell you more.

The staff at Minimossen

Jannika Myllyniemi

Jannika Myllyniemi

When visiting Minimossen you will be welcomed by smiley and helpful Jannika Myllyniemi. She is aslo assisting with the sorting at Minimossen’s waste reception station.

Tuulia Peltola

Tuulia Peltola

Lovely Tuulia Peltola is the heart of Minimossen’s café. You are welcome to take an inspiring break in our café, which is completely decorated with recycled and upcycled furniture.

Café Minimossen

Be inspired by our atmosphere

Our child-friendly café serves delightful delicacies and fresh coffee. On weekdays we cook milk- and gluten free vegetable soup in our own kitchen. Once a week you can find chicken- or fish soup on the menu. The lunch is served between 11 am and 2 pm.

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