Recycling mall Minimossen

Recycle, shop, enjoy

Minimossen is the first recycling mall in Finland. We sell carefully selected recycled items. Minimossen is like a treasure trove when you are looking for cool things carefully treated with love. At Minimossen you can shop in a smart and sustainable way. The waste company Stormossen is the initiator of Minimossen.

Sort and shop

Bring your waste

You can bring combustible waste, wood, plastic, cardboard and glass packaging, metal, paper, ceramics, tiles, window glass, small electrical appliances and hazardous waste. You can also donate smaller items for re-use that are intact and clean. Larger quantities of waste or large items, such as furniture, can be brought to the recycling station at Sammonkatu.


Companies at Minimossen

Minimossen has over ten companies who repair and fix recycled items and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Do you want to get to know them? Read more about the companies at Minimossen here.


Art Exhibition in September

Leif Strengell ’s art exhibition at Café Minimossen in September. Welcome to explore the art at Minimossen.


Art exhibition at Minimossen

Café Minimossen’s Art exhibitions at the end of the year 2021:

August                                                                       Annita Ödman

September                                                                Leif Strengell

October                                                                     Paula Nygård

November                                                                Ann-Sofi Kattilakoski

December                                                                 Tuija Arina-Sundelin

Welcome to explore the art at Minimossen.


Andreas Knip's home bakery

Andreas Knip’s delicious cupcakes, salads and sandwiches can now be enjoyed at our café or picked up from us. You can also place orders for cakes and cupcakes, among other things.
Go to Andreas Knip’s home page via this link. Note! By clicking on the link, you will move to another site.

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