Detached houses and small apartment blocks

Residents of detached houses and housing companies with 1-4 homes have many options for waste management. Households must contact a transport company that handles waste disposal. The minimum requirement is a waste container for combustible waste, in which biowaste can also be added. We still recommend that all households sort biowaste separately.

There are various alternatives:

  • Separate biowaste container
  • Multi-compartment container, L&T offers containers with sections for combustible waste and biowaste
  • Four compartment container, Remeo offers four-compartment containers; combustible, biowaste, glass and metal
  • Own compost, the compost should be insulated
  • Common container with your neighbours

Contact your transport company to find out more about their solutions. Many transport companies offer free emptying of the paper container.

Paper, metal, glass and batteries are brought to the nearest ecopoint. Cardboard and plastic packaging can also be sorted and brought to an ecopoint.

Every household is entitled to the Stormossen customer card, which allows limitless free visits to a waste reception station. Hazardous waste, electrical and electronic waste as well as larger objects must be taken to a waste reception station.

How often should a container be emptied?

This depends on how much waste you have! Well-sorted waste produces less rubbish.

Combustible waste is emptied during the summer at 1-2 week intervals and during the winter months at 1-4 week intervals without needing to send a separate application to the waste committee. Biowaste is emptied at 1-2 week intervals, both summer and winter. Four compartment containers are emptied at 1-2 week intervals in summer and 1-4 week intervals in winter.

In order to extend the emptying intervals, a written application must be made to Vaasa Region’s Waste Committee, PL 2, 65 101 VAASA.

Do I need to have a waste container even if I have no waste?

Yes. All households must be connected to the municipal waste service. This is to minimise instances where waste is dumped in the nature. If you only produce a small amount of waste, then we recommend using a small waste container and optimised emptying intervals. A common container with the neighbour is also an option.