I produce no waste. Do I have to have a container?

Yes. All households must be connected to the municipal waste service. This is to minimize instances where waste is dumped in the nature. If you only produce a small amount of waste, then we recommend using a small waste container and optimized emptying intervals. A container shared with a neighbour is also an option.

Why can’t all waste be thrown in the same bag?

We strive for such a high degree of recycling as possible. It is easier to reuse the waste as a raw material for new products if it is sorted at the place where it arises. Material recycling is more important than waste incineration.

Mixed waste, what is that?

Mixed waste is the same as combustible waste. Finland is gradually beginning to use Nordic Pictograms in sorting bins and also standardizing the terms. At some point the term Mixed waste is replacing combustible waste in the whole country.

Mixed waste is practically most of the waste that isn’t suited for recycling, like diapers, sanitary pads, dust bags, cat sand, dog waste bags and plastic items that are not packages. Also dirty and smelling carton, plastic packaging and textiles as well as egg shell go to mixed waste. In addition small amounts of waste that can’t be combusted, i.e. light bulb, coffee mug or glass item Hazardous waste and batteries do not belong in the mixed waste. Mixed waste is refined to energy in form of electricity and district heating at Westenergy.


Why should eggshell be sorted as mixed waste (combustible waste)?

Stormossen has decided to recommend sorting eggshell as mixed waste (combustible waste) in stead of biowaste. The reason is that eggshell cause obstruction at our biowaste treatment plant which leads to service operations. The aim is to avoid long maintenance breaks and to ensure a continuous supply of biogas.

How clean should plastic packaging be?

Plastic packages must be empty and dry. They must not contain any food or other residue. Drain the packaging to make sure it is dry. You could easily clean the packaging for example with a small piece of paper towel to get rid of the most noticeable residue. If the package smells bad, it can be sorted as mixed waste (combustible waste). As a rule of thumb, packaging should be clean enough to be stored at home for a few days without a notable smell.

How should lamps be sorted?

Lamps are sorted differently depending on the quality of the lamp.

Used halogen bulbs and incandeestent light bulbs are sorted as combustible waste.

LED-bulbs, string lights, candelabra and other kinds of lights powered by eletricity or batteries are sorted as electrical and electronic waste.

Energy-saving bulbs and fluorescent lamps are sorted as hazardous waste, because they contain mercury.

All types of light bulbs can be brought to Stormossen’s waste reception stations. Energy-saving bulbs and fluorescent lamps less than 25 cm long be taken to a store without an obligation to purchase a new product. These stores are:

  • a retail store of at least 1000 m²
  • a special store for electronics of at least 200 m²
Where are the collection points for plastic packages?

By clicking this link you can find a list of all ecopoints on Stormossen region that collects plastic packages. All waste reception stations also accept plastic packages. From 1 of July 2023 plastic packages are collected in all housing companies with five apartments or more.

Why is only packaging allowed in the plastic and cardboard collection?

Producer responsibility only apply to packaging and not other plastic and cardboard waste. Producer responsibility means the obligation placed on a producer to organise reuse, recycling and other waste management of the waste arising from products and to meet the costs incurred in these activities. It would be unjust for the producers to also pay for recycling of other products than packaging. In the future we might be able to collect also other plastic items for recycling.

How to sort packages consisting of more than one type of material?

If the different materials can’t be separated, should it be sorted according to the material it contains the most.