Ordering of a new customer card, change of address

Customer Card Terms (households)

  • The customer card is a document of value that should be carefully taken care of.
  • A lost customer card shall immediately be reported and blocked. In case of loss of a card, a new one costs 12 €.
  • An extra card within the household costs 10 €/card.
  • Inform Stormossen about your new address when moving. When you move to a new address, your card moves with you because it is personal.
  • The customer card is personal and may not be transferred outside the household.
  • The customer card for households may not be used for delivery of waste from companies.
  • The card entitles to delivery of max. 2 m³ waste per visit.
  • The waste shall be sorted accordingly to current instructions. Please sort your waste at home to save everyone’s time at the waste reception station.
  • The customer card is used as a payment method when you buy compost soil or when you rent a trailer. Your card is scanned and you get an invoice via mail.
  • Stormossen may without prior notice change prices and conditions for the customer card.
  • Stormossen has the right to block cards if they are misused.