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Archipelago scrap collection

Every summer, a scrap collection is arranged in the archipelago. Metal, electrical and electronic scrap are received free of charge during the campaign. During the same weekend, the service container Roope-Botnia operates and collects scrap at Jannes Saloon and Lars Björkarsskär.

Requests for scrap collection at other times should be made directly to Roope-Botnia, tel. +46 50 5575022. Pick-up from a cottage costs 50 euros (2 m²).

The campaign will be organised on the following weekend 26.7-28.7.2019.

Collection points at the following locations:

  • Korsnäs
    • Storkors
    • Östra Strömgrund
    • Harrström (fishing harbour)
  • Malax
    • Bockören
    • Åminne (fishing harbour)
    • Bredhällan
  • Korsholm
    • Kastet
    • Petsmo (fishing harbour)
    • Norra Vallgrund (fishing harbour)
    • Svedjehamn (Björköby)
  • Vaasa
    • Kutterhamnen
    • Långskär
    • Byören
    • Västervik (fishing harbour)
  • Vörå
    • Stråkaviken
    • Nabben (boat harbour)
    • Oravais boat harbour
    • Hällnäs (boat harbour)