Malax Waste Reception Station

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The station is open on Mondays and Wednesdays 12 - 7 pm and on Fridays 14 - 7 pm. From May to September even on Saturdays at 10 am - 2 pm.

Puh. 010 320 7658, 010 320 7659

Please sort your waste before bringing it to the waste reception station, to make your visit run smoothly. The number of visits are unlimited. You can bring no more than 2 m3 (one trailer) of waste per visit. Heavy articles should be brought to Stormossen’s waste central in Kvevlax. Other Stormossen’s waste reception stations do not have lifting equipment.

Keep in mind, that children under 12 years are safest in the car during a visit to any waste reception station.

Stormossen’s waste reception receive the following types of waste:

  • asbestos (max. 50 litres) NB! Read the instructions carefully
  • cardboard and carton packages
  • concrete and brick
  • combustible waste
  • electrical and electronic scrap
  • end-of-life textiles
  • energy waste
  • hazardous waste – store in original packaging
  • gypsum – clean plaster board separately
  • landfill waste, e.g. fiberglass and pvc-plastic
  • impregnated wood
  • clothes, reusable clothes and textiles separately
  • glass packaging separately from other glass
  • metal
  • paper
  • paper for destroying
  • plastic packaging
  • wood
  • garden waste (not Vaasa waste reception station at Sammonkatu)

Every household in the Stormossen region pays an eco-fee that entitles the household to a customer card. Bring your customer card when visiting the waste reception station. The customer card is available as an application for your smartphone or as a paper card.



Bring your customer card with you on each visit to the recycling station. If you do not have a customer card, you will receive one when you arrive.

Without any additional cost you can always bring following waste to the waste reception stations:

  • asbestos (max. 50 litres)
  • concrete and brick
  • combustible waste
  • landfill waste
  • end-of-life textiles
  • energy waste
  • gypsum
  • household waste from holiday houses
  • paper to be destroyed
  • risk waste
  • waste wood
  • electrical and electronic scrap
  • hazardous waste
  • clothes
  • metal
  • glass
  • garden waste (not Vasa waste reception station at Sampogatan)
  • cardboard and carton packaging
  • paper
  • impregnated wood

Households outside Stormossen´s area of operation

Household customer not living on Stormossen´s are of operation are also welcome to use the services of Stormossen waste reception stations. One visit with maximum 2 m3 of waste costs 25€ (incl. VAT). Click this link to order a customer card (form in Finnish) or contact our customer services or 010 320 7600.

Companies, societies and associations

Customer cards for companies must be used on each visit to the recycling station. A new card costs 10 € + VAT.

Free Waste

  • metal
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • plastic packages
  • electrical and electronic scrap, equivalent to that in households (amount and quality)
  • accumulators
  • batteries
  • fluorescent lights

Other waste is invoiced at 36,29 € visit + VAT. A maximum of 2 m³ waste per visit.

Invoiced according to price list:

Asbestos 10 €/50 l + VAT
Electrical and electronic scrap (which does not correspond to households, such as freezers) 0,56 €/kg + VAT
Hazardous waste price list (in finnish)
Elk slaughter waste is only accepted at Stormossen’s waste treatment centre.