Asbestos advice

Delivery of asbestos to Stormossen

Waste containing asbestos dust and fibres is classed as hazardous waste, which requires special handling. Asbestos must be packed separately from any other waste.

How to pack asbestos

Asbestos should be packed so that the packaging does not break at any stage of the treatment. Asbestos waste is packed, for example, in glass fibre reinforced bags or other sacks that are equally durable. The waste packaging and the load should always be marked with the text: “ASBESTIJÄTETTÄ. Pölyn hengittäminen vaarallista / ASBESTAVFALL. Farligt att inandas”

Reception of asbestos

Asbestos must be delivered to the waste disposal centre separately from other waste. Individuals can bring a maximum of 50 litres of asbestos to the recycling station. Larger loads are taken to the Stormossen waste treatment centre and weighed in on the car weighing scales. At Stormossen, asbestos is placed in the treatment site’s hazardous waste pit. The customer should notify Stormossen in advance of deliveries larger than 10 m3, to ensure that the waste can be accommodated in the hazardous waste pit (Per-Olof Holm 010 320 7650).

Stormossen DOES NOT RECEIVE unpackaged asbestos. Such loads are rejected at the gate and must be reported to the supervisory authority (ELY centre).

Opening hours and fees

Asbestos waste is received at Stormossen’s waste disposal centre in Koivulahti (Kvevlax). Reception Mon – Fri 7-15. The fee is 209.00 €/tonne (VAT 0%) + weighing fee 12.00 € /weighing (VAT 0%).

For the safety of our staff, subcontractors and customers in the Stormossen area, roof tiles (mineral, eternit and similar) will be classified as asbestos. If the roof tiles do not contain asbestos, a valid asbestos survey report must be presented at the gate, after which the roof tiles are brought to the brick collection point for the brick price (23 €/tonne, VAT 0%).