Ecopoints receive:

  • paper
  • glass packaging
  • metal
  • batteries

For plastic bags there is a separate container. In this container, you can put empty plastic bags that have been used for transporting waste to the ecopoint.

Cardboard collection is available at the ecopoints maintained by Rinki Oy. Plastic packaging can also be returned at eight ecopoints.

Here you can leave plastic packaging:

  • Korsholm Smedsby UF
  • Malax Köpings S-market
  • Vaasa Prisma
  • Vaasa Citymarket Kivihaka
  • Vaasa Lidl Melaniemi
  • Vaasa S-market Gerby
  • Isokyrö S-market
  • Vörå S-market

Plastic packaging can also be brought to the waste reception stations.

At some ecopoints UFF collects clean clothes, shoes, textiles, bags and toys for resuse. Here you can find the nearest collection point. Note that by clicking on the link you will be transferred to another web site.

Please, do not leave any waste at the ecopoint if it is full.

Gastor is now BIG Biogas

Stormossen’s brand Gastor changes to BIG Biogas on Monday 19th of October. Stormossen has produced and sold locally made Gastor-biogas since 2017, both to local traffic busses of Vaasa City…