Waste treatment prices 2019

Waste treatment prices at the Stormossen waste centre on 1 Janyary, 2019.

Codewaste€/ton€/ton (incl. VAT 24%)
1923Asbestos (instructions in finnish)209,00259,16
1417Conrete, with insulation49,2561,07
1415Concrete, small pieces <1x1x1m26,0032,24
1416Concrete, large pieces33,5041,54
1110Biowaste from food service and restaurants, unclean84,00104,16
1412Construction waste, mixed class I185,00229,40
1419Contruction waste, mixed class II260,00322,40
9901Combustible waste (incineration)128,00158,72
1921Landfill waste (non-organic)215,00266,60
1411Landfill waste (sorting station)215,00266,60
1310Energywaste (co-combustion)119,00147,56
1413Gypsum plates95,00117,80
1456Insulation (landfill)215,00266,60
1811Soil contaminated with oil, 0-999 mg/kg***27,0033,48
1812Soil contaminated with oil, 1000-1999 mg/kg***36,0044,64
1813Soil contaminated with oil, 2000-4999 mg/kg***60,0074,40
1814Soil contaminated with oil, över 5000 mg/kg***150,00186,00
1418Unsorted waste (sorting station)260,00322,40
1711Clean excavated earth0,500,62
1714Waste from sand separation wells25,0031,00
1215Sludge from septic tank, KA+ approx. 2%10,9513,58
1210Sludge from water treatment plants57,5071,30
1451Roofing felt****125,00155,00
1313Wood waste, mixed36,0044,64
1312Wood waste, clean18,0022,32
1316Impregnated timber**179,00210,80
2010Scales fee11,6014,38

**companys and institutions (free of charge for households, included in the eco-fee)
*** oil content certificate to be shown at scales at delivery
**** content certificate to be shown at scales at delivery (asbestos)