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Electrical and electronic waste

Electrical and electronic scrap includes: discarded products that are powered by electric current, batteries or solar energy. These are, for example, home appliances, computers, mobile phones, printers, televisions, lamps or power tools. LED lamps are also sorted as electrical and electronic waste.

The products are delivered to a waste reception station without packaging. Separate batteries and return to battery collection. Electrical and electronic scrap is free of charge.

You can also dispose of electrical and electronic scrap to certain stores that sell electrical appliances as follows:

  • Appliances whose outer dimensions do not exceed 25 cm can be left without an obligation to purchase a new product;
    • to a retail store of at least 1000 m²
    • to a special store for electronics of at least 200 m²
  • Appliances whose outer dimensions exceed 25 cm may be left at the store when the customer buys a new equivalent.

Does sensitive content on a computer have to be destroyed?

Yes, we always recommend that customers destroy the hard drives on computers before the product is left at the waste reception station. Although the products are sorted and continue to be recycled with us, it is still good to make sure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

What happens to electronic scrap?

The products are sorted and taken apart. The material becomes raw material for new goods.