Mobile waste reception station

The mobile waste reception station is a service for those who live far from their nearest waste reception station. The mobile waste reception station allows you to bring the same waste as to one of the usual waste reception stations, except branches and garden waste.

Remember to bring your customer card with you!

We receive:

  • electrical and electronic scrap
  • concrete
  • combustible waste
  • landfill waste
  • hazardous waste*
  • gypsum
  • glass*
  • metal *
  • cardboard *
  • paper *
  • brick
  • pressure-impregnated wood *
  • wood

Waste types marked with * are free, others use the free visit on the customer card. Not more than 1m³ at a time.

SATURDAY 7.9.2019

Time 10-10.30 Brännarsvägen, ecopoint
Time 11-13 Komossavägen 248, UF ecopoint
Time 13.15-13.45 Kimo bruk museum, carpark
Time 14-14.45 Hällnäs, boat harbour

SATURDAY 14.9.2019

Time 10-11 Lehmäjoki, Lehmäjoen huoltamo velj. Mäkynen
Time 11.30-12.30 Pettersbacka, carpark Aknusvägen 2
Time 13.30-14 Kaitsor, Bovägen (yard of the former store)

SATURDAY 21.9.2019

Time 10-12 Björköby, UF
Time 13-15 Söderudden, fishing harbour
Time 16-17 Köklot, fishing harbour

SATURDAY 28.9.2019

Time 10-12 Bergö, Bredhällan
Time 13.30-15 Molpe, the boat harbour (before the swimming beach and Strandmölle)
Time 16-17 Nyby, Nybygården