Annual review 2018

The annual report 2018 can be read here in May (finnish, swedish)

Recycling rate for municipal waste is 98.7%

Stormossen received a total of 147 200 tonnes of waste in 2018 compared to 141 500 tonnes the year before, i.e. an increase of 4%. From the area of the owner municipalities, the amount of waste increased by just over 1% to a total of 109 800 tonnes. The municipal waste amounted to 62 300 tonnes. The amount of municipal waste includes septic sludge from the emptying of septic tanks in Vaasa and Mustasaari (Korsholm). Besides septic sludge, the amount of municipal waste amounts to 452 kg/person. The corresponding amount in the whole country in 2017 amounted to 510 kg/person.

Municipal waste mainly consists of combustible waste, biowaste and recyclable waste received at the recycling stations. The recovery rate was 98.7%, of which 52.8% was recovered as material and 45.9% as energy. Only 800 tonnes – 1.3% – was deposited at the landfill site.

Waste from municipal waste companies outside of Stormossen’s operating area was also received for treatment. The biowaste was treated at Stormossen’s biogas plant and the combustible waste was forwarded to Westenergy, where it was incinerated for energy production. A total of 50 200 tonnes was delivered to Westenergy compared to 55 000 tonnes the year before.

Gastor vehicle gas

Biogas from Stormossen’s biogas plant is refined into vehicle gas under its own brand Gastor. In 2018, a total of 407 000 kg of vehicle gas was sold and the number of refuellings doubled compared to the previous year. There was a significant increase during the second half of the year.

In January this year, Stormossen was granted infrastructure support from Energiavirasto (Energy Market Authority) for the construction of a gas filling station at ABC in Runsor. According to the plans, the refuelling station will be ready before the end of the current year.

Sales increased by 2.8%

Sales in 2018 amounted to 14 million euros compared to 13.62 million euros the year before. Sales of goods and services increased by 31.5% to 1.59 million euros (11.4% of sales). The amount mainly includes sales of vehicle gas, compost soil and waste for recycling as well as services sold, e.g. to the producer community. Eco-charges amounted to 2.45 million euros (17.5%) and treatment fees to 9.96 million euros (71.1%).

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