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Christmas waste sorting

Along with the Christmas and New Year holidays come a lot of waste. Already in the shop you can reduce the amount of waste by thinking about how and what you buy. Keep also in mind which things you can reuse next Christmas.

Below we have listed the most common types of waste that the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations originate and how to sort it. If you don’t find what you are looking for, use our sorting guide. Wishing you a Merry Sorting Christmas and a good New Sustainable Year 2022!

Christmas food

Waste: Sorting:
Aluminium molds Metal
Box of chocolate Cardboard packaging
Fat from ham (packed in an empty milk jar) Biowaste
Fish waste Biowaste
Food waste Biowaste
Glass jars from herring, jam or jelly Glass packaging
Ham bone Biowaste
Ham netting Combustible waste
Ham oven bag Combustible waste
Metal lids from glass jars Metal
Metal tube Metal
Mulled wine bottle Glass packaging
Mulled wine packaging Cardboard packaging
Pad in a box of chocolate Cardboard packaging
Paper napkins Biowaste
Preserve tin Metal
Thick napkins that do not tear when wet Combustible waste
Wrapping plastic around a box of chocolate and its praline tray Plastic packaging

Christmas lights and lamps

Waste: Sorting:
Batteries (note: Tape over the poles of batteries) Batteries
Cemetery memorial candles (both glass and plastic) Combustible waste
Christmas tree lighting Electronical and electronic waste
Electric candelabra Electronical and electronic waste
LED-light bulb or -candle Electronical and electronic waste
Light string Electronical and electronic waste
Marchall Metal
Metal lid from cemetery memorial candles Metal
Stearin candles and candle-ends Combustible waste
Tealight’s aluminium cup Metal

Christmas decorations

Waste: Sorting:
Advent calendar in paper Cardboard packaging
Christmas post card Paper
Christmas tree Waste reception station (or separate collection)
Christmas tree decoration Combustible waste
Christmas tree stand Metal
Flowers and soil Biowaste
Flower basket Combustible waste
Flower packaging of newspaper Paper
Flower plastic packaging Plastic packaging
Flower wrapping paper Combustible waste
Plastic Christmas Tree Metal
The cardboard packaging of the Advent calendar Cardboard
The plastic packaging of the Advent calendar Plastic packaging

Christmas gifts

Waste: Sorting:
Cardboard box Cardboard packaging
Cellophane Combustible waste
Gift paper and lace Combustible waste
Polystyrene packaging Plastic packaging
Sticky tape Combustible waste

New Year’s Eve

Waste: Sorting:
Food waste Biowaste
Garbage from fireworks Combustible waste
New Year’s melting tin Hazardous waste
Paper napkins Biowaste
Sparkler Metal
Thick napkins that do not tear when wet Combustible waste
Unused fireworks Save for next year or return to seller