Waste treatment prices 1.3.2022

Waste treatment prices at the Stormossen waste centre on 1 March 2022.

Codewaste€/ton€/ton (incl. VAT 24%)
1923Asbestos (instructions in finnish)209,00259,16
1415Concrete, small pieces <1x1x1m30,5037,82
1416Concrete, large pieces38,0047,12
1417Concrete, other52,0064,48
1110Biowaste from food service and restaurants, unclean84,00104,16
1412Construction waste, mixed class I185,00229,40
1419Waste difficult to sort and recycle260,00322,40
9901Combustible waste (incineration)149,00184,76
1921Landfill waste (non-organic)215,00266,60
1411Unsorted waste (sorting station)215,00266,60
1310Energywaste (co-combustion)119,00147,56
1413Gypsum plates79,5098,58
1456Insulation (landfill)215,00266,60
Soil contaminated with oil, 0-2499 mg/kg***26,0032,24
Soil contaminated with oil, 2500-4999 mg/kg***65,0092.26
1814Soil contaminated with oil, 5000-9999 mg/kg***150,00186,00
1815Soil contaminated with oil, 10000-19999 mg/kg***250,00310,00
1816Soil contaminated with oil, 20000-25000 mg/kg***375,00465,00
1817Slightly contaminated soil26,0032,24
1818Other contaminated soils*)*)
1418Contruction waste, mixed class II260,00322,40
1711Clean excavated earth0,000,00
1714Waste from sand separation wells25,5031,62
1214Sludge from cesspool5,506,82
1215Sludge from septic tank16,0019,84
1216Sludge from septic tank to reserve reception49,0060,76
1210Sludge from water treatment plants65,0080,60
1451Roofing felt****140,00173,60
1313Wood waste, mixed36,0044,64
1312Wood waste, clean18,0022,32
1316Impregnated timber**240,00297,60
2010Scales fee12,0014,88

*pricing case-by-case
**companys and institutions (free of charge for households, included in the eco-fee)
*** oil content certificate to be shown at scales at delivery
**** content certificate to be shown at scales at delivery (asbestos)