Waste reception stations

There are 13 Waste reception stations in the Stormossen region. They receive the following types of waste:

  • asbestos (max. 50 litres)
  • concrete and brick
  • combustible waste
  • electrical and electronic scrap *
  • energy waste
  • hazardous waste*
  • gypsum
  • landfill waste
  • impregnated wood
  • clothes
  • glass*
  • metal *
  • folders *
  • paper *
  • waste wood
  • Pure wood
  • garden waste *

* waste received free of charge by households

Every household in the Stormossen region pays an eco-fee that entitles the household to a customer card that allows six free visits to our waste reception stations. A holiday home entitles a cardholder to two extra visits. Any subsequent visits cost 15 euros.

Bring your customer card when visiting the waste reception station. The customer card is available as an application for your smartphone or as a paper card. On a visit you can deliver a maximum of 2 m³ waste.

Sort waste already at home. In this way you make it easier for yourself and our staff when you empty the car at the waste reception centre.