A locked bin is a locked container intended for mixed waste (combustible waste) from holiday homes. The containers are located outside the gate to all waste reception stations and at other locations near holiday home areas. They can be accessed at any time of day or night.

The utility fee for locked bin during summer season 1.5.-30.9 is 25 euros + a deposit of 20 euros. The utility fee is invoiced annually after the season. If you would like to continue using the locked bin during next summer, you can keep the key and the utility fee will be invoiced automatically next summer. If you want to end using the locked bin, please return the key after summer season.

The utility fee for locked bin all year around is 60 euros + a deposit of 20 euros. However, the locked bins at the waste reception stations are removed in the winter, except for the locked bins at Oravainen’s and Vöyri’s stations.