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This is suitable for paper recycling

Dry and clean paper, newspapers, advertisements, catalogues, envelopes (including those with plastic windows), copy paper.

What can’t be sorted as paper?

Gift-wrapping paper is useless as recycled paper. Partly because of the surface, which is heavily coloured, but also because of the quality of the gift-wrapping paper fibres. Dirty and wet paper should not be placed in paper recycling. Paperboard, cardboard or egg packaging are also not sorted as paper.

How are documents with sensitive information sorted?

At the waste reception stations there are locked containers (240l) that can be used by private individuals wishing to dispose of documents. The slots of the containers are small, so reserve time and patience.

Can books be sorted as paper?

Yes, but first remove the covers. The binders are sorted as cardboard or combustible waste.

How are paper bags sorted?

White paper bags may be sorted as paper. Other colours are sorted as cardboard or combustible waste. Brown bags can also be sorted as cardboard.

What will the paper become?

Collected paper is used as a raw material for new paper products. In Finland, we are good at sorting paper. A paper is used several times during its lifetime and over 80 percent of all paper finds the right sorting container.

Here you can print out stickers for paper recycling containers (PDF).