Hazardous waste

Products that can be dangerous for health or the environment are classed as hazardous waste.

  • energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps
  • paint, glue and varnish residues that have not dried
  • solvents e.g. turpentine, thinner, acetone and industrial petrol
  • basic detergents
  • waste oil and oil filters
  • car batteries and battery liquids
  • pesticides and plant protection products
  • sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, organic acids such as acetic and formic acid
  • extinguishers and gas bottles
  • nail polish in liquid form
  • aerosol cans with content
  • New Year tin castings
  • fever thermometers containing mercury

NOTE! Medicine must be taken to a pharmacy.

Households may leave hazardous waste free of charge at a waste reception station. The product should, if possible, be stored in its original packaging.

Every spring, a collection campaign is arranged to collect hazardous waste around the region using the ecocar (ekobiili).

Hazardous waste usually has a warning symbol.