Glass packaging

Which items are sorted as glass?

Clear and coloured glass bottles and glass jars. Remove caps and corks, rinse with cold water. Labels and rings may remain.

Which glasses are not suitable for glass recycling?

Drinking glasses, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, ovenware, coffee pots, mirror glass, window glass, lamps, opal glass, flower vases, glass from photo frames.

Why is it so complicated?

Actually, it is not that complicated, remember that only glass jars and glass bottles are suitable for the glass collection. Drinking glass, porcelain and opal glass etc. have other properties that mean that they cannot be recycled in the same process.

What happens to the glass?

Glass from Finland is recycled in Holland and England. The glass is crushed, washed and becomes new glass containers.

Here you can print out stickers for glass packaging containers (PDF).