Gastor is now BIG Biogas

Stormossen’s brand Gastor changes to BIG Biogas on Monday 19th of October.

Stormossen has produced and sold locally made Gastor-biogas since 2017, both to local traffic busses of Vaasa City and to private customers.

Now three waste companies in Finland have created a common brand BIG Biogas; Stormossen, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto and Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto. Soon people can refuel BIG Biogas through the country from Vaasa in the west to Lappeenranta in the east. Common symbol of the chain is an appel core.

Campaign price for two weeks on two stations

Stormossen’s BIG Biogas refueling stations are located at northern and southern exits of Vaasa, Stormossvägen 3 (10 km to north from Vaasa) and ABC Expresskurvan (10 km to south from Vaasa).

For two weeks customers can refuel at a special price of 0,99 €/kg, which corresponds to 0,63 €/ltr bensin (price doesn’t apply to contract customers with Gastor company card). The campaign offer is valid 19.10 – 1.11.

BIG Biogas is a clean and local fuel

Biogas is a renewable, locally produced vehicle fuel. With biogas in the tank, carbon emissions in the traffic are reduced by 90% compared to emissions from petrol and diesel cars.

Big-biogas is produced in local biogas plants at Stormossen in the Vaasa region, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto in Pirkanmaa and Etelä Karjalan jätehuolto in Etelä-Karjala. Each waste company produces biogas from household biowaste and sludge from the treatment plants arising in its own field.

Biogas is a 100% renewable energy form, as the gas is produced from organic raw materials. By sorting bio waste at home, you produce more clean energy for roads. Together we do good for our local environment. Acts that have a positive impact on both our environment and our future.

The goal is a nationwide chain of biogas refueling stations

Since Stormossen was founded, the company has been a pioneer in the industry and always ready to try new things. Therefore, Chief Financial Officer Håkan Hagberg listened with interest in early 2019 when business operations and finance director Jarkko Nissinen of Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto proposed a nationwide biogas chain of municipally owned waste companies.

“The idea was that it’s easier to become known through a common brand. When one of the three waste companies markets biogas in its area, the other companies in the chain also benefit”, says Hagberg.

He suggested that Stormossen, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto and Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto would be the first to be part of the same chain. It’s easy for others to join the ready concept later.

“We are on that road now. The first BIG Biogas refueling stations have been opened in Vaasa and in Etelä-Karjala. In Pirkanmaa the first station is scheduled to open early next year. There will be a total of nine stations in a couple of years.

More partners are welcomed as holders of the BIG brand. The goal is to be a nationwide chain of biogas refueling stations.