Our housing company wants to collect plastic, is it possible?

Some waste transportation companies transport plastic as well. Contact your waste carrier to arrange plastic collection at your housing company.

Our housing company has started sorting cardboard. What happens to it?

Cardboard is collected at Encore’s (former Paperinkeräys) unit in Liisanlehto, Vaasa. The cardboard is baled and eventually used as raw material for the paper industry. Sorting cardboard in a housing company is a good way to reduce waste costs. Cardboard takes up relatively much space in combustible waste, and properly sorted cardboard is cheaper than combustible waste. If the housing company has several containers for combustible waste, perhaps one can be replaced for cardboard?

How clean should plastic packaging be?

Plastic packaging should be returned clean and dry. Dirty and smelly packaging is sorted as combustible waste. Plastic packaging is if needed rinsed with cold water and let dry. If hot water and dish soap is needed for cleaning, it is better from environmental perspective to put the packaging in combustible waste. If you are able to store the plastic packaging in your house for two weeks without any odour trouble, it is clean enough.

Where are the collection points for plastic packaging?

There are eight collection points in the Stormossen region: Prisma, Citymarket Kivihaka, Lidl Melaniemi, S-market Gerby, S-market Vörå, S-market Isokyrö, S-market Malax and the Youth Association in Smedsby. All waste reception stations also accept plastic packaging without extra cost.