How clean should plastic packaging be?

Plastic packaging should be returned clean and dry. Dirty and smelly packaging is sorted as combustible waste. Plastic packaging is if needed rinsed with cold water and let dry. If hot water and dish soap is needed for cleaning, it is better from environmental perspective to put the packaging in combustible waste. If you are able to store the plastic packaging in your house for two weeks without any odour trouble, it is clean enough.

Where are the collection points for plastic packaging?
Our housing company wants to collect plastic, is it possible?

Of course. By sorting plastic and carton packaging it is possible to decrease the cost of waste management at the housing company. Contact your waste carrier to arrange plastic collection at your housing company. From July 2023 Stormossen will start the collection of plastic and carton packaging from all housing companies with a minimum of five apartments.

Why is only packaging allowed in the plastic and cardboard collection?

Producer responsibility only apply to packaging and not other plastic and cardboard waste. Producer responsibility means the obligation placed on a producer to organise reuse, recycling and other waste management of the waste arising from products and to meet the costs incurred in these activities. It would be unjust for the producers to also pay for recycling of other products than packaging. In the future we might be able to collect also other plastic items for recycling.