Clothing and textiles

Whole, clean garments and useful clothes can be brought to clothing collection points that are available at the waste reception stations and at some ecopoints. Ecopoints with collection boxes is found on UFF´s map. Note that by clicking on the link you will be transferred to another site.

You can also give away textiles and clothing to relief organisations such as the Salvation Army, Star of Hope and the Red Cross. You could even rent a tabin at one of the flea markets in the region and sell off your clothes and other items there.

In order to prevent clothing waste from occurring, consider your consumption habits. Repair, tidy and reuse existing garments. Old clothes can be reused as cleaning cloths. Discarded clothing and textiles are sorted as combustible waste.

You can also ask animal organisations such as Koiratarha Kulkuri if they need blankets, rugs or towels for the animals.