Together with other regional waste-management companies, Stormossen arranges two campaigns aimed at pupils attending comprehensive schools each year.

  • Super Recyclers Year 4 (kierrätyssankarit)
  • Hazardous waste Year 9 (vaarallinen jäte)

In Super Recyclers, students are encouraged to read the news about the waste industry, to deal with recycled materials, to pick up rubbish and to hold swap days. The campaign is organised every spring.

The Hazardous Waste campaign is aimed in combination with chemistry teaching. Students learn to recognise and manage hazardous waste. Our hope is that the students become aware of their own environment and realise the importance of acting responsibly and environmentally consciously. The campaign is organised every autumn.

Will your class take part?

Before the campaign starts, we send out information to schools. The teachers inform us about the classes wishing to participate. Participation is free. All the participants receive a useful little prize and there is a lottery for a main prize.

Any questions?

For more information on any of the school campaigns, please contact anne.teir-siltanen@stormossen.fi