The Company

Stormossen is a regional waste management company, owned by six municipalities - Vaasa, Isokyrö, Korsholm, Vörå, Malax and Korsnäs, with a total of approx. 100,000 inhabitants. The main physical location of the company - the waste treatment plant and centre - lies here at Kvevlax in Korsholm. Today, Stormossen has 45 employees. The company turnover was 11,5 million euro in 2013.



Responsibility for the people and the environment

Sustainable renewal
For the benefit of our customers

Together we achieve more

Stormossen combines a cost-effective waste managemant system with a high level of service, while remaining compatible with sustainable develompent.

A cleaner, more pleasant local environment, combined with an easily accessible waste-collection service, create value for the people, businessess and communities in our area - now and in the future.


Guides towards re-use and recycling
Most of the waste recieved at Kvevlax waste treatment plant can be utilised either as materials, energy, or nutrients for the improvement of soil. In 2013 Stormossen recycled 96% of the municipal waste.

Stormossen Biogas Plant produces biogas and decomposed humus material out of the biodegradable fraction, i.e. food waste. Waste that is detrimental for the environment, i.e. hazardous waste is transported to a specialised treatment plant where it is processed appropriately.

If no value can be recovered from waste, through re-use, recycling, or energy, it is deposited safely in a landfill site.

We actively inform citizens in our area on how to reduce and sort their waste and how waste is processed in our treatment plant.