Daily waste

buildings with five or more apartments

Buildings with five or more apartments have separate waste containers for biowaste, combustible waste, recyclable paper, metal, glas and batteries.

smaller houses
(1 - 4 apartments)

Smaller houses have a container for combustible waste. In that container biowaste can also be put. Recyclable metal, paper, glass and batteries are delivered to the nearest ecopoint.

Biowaste : food leftovers, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee filters and teabags, kitchen papers, napkins, bones, cut-flowers, eggshells etc. Please pack biowaste in a newspaper or paper bag!
Combustible waste : plastic, board- and cardboard packages, paper that can not be recycled, textiles, babies nappies, sanitary towels, polystyrene (styrox), rubber, leather, dust bags from vacuum cleaners, biowaste from small houses (1-4 apartments), cat sand, small amounts of light bulbs and porcelain
Paper: clean and dry paper, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, catalogues, envelopes, printing papers, pocket books
Metal : all metal tins and soft drink cans, caps and lids, tubes, foil, metal forms, kettles, pans, tools, nails, empty spray bottles, aluminium yoghurt lids etc.
Glass : clear and coloured bottles and jars (remove lids and caps, rinse, labels and collars need not to be removed)
Batteries : batteries, small accumulators